Six Ways to Sunday

Using a Pencil on a Crossword Puzzle
Get Stuff Done

There are many ways and many paths to get there. No, this is not like Enlightenment and how to be with one. This short blurb from TheGrammarist says, “The idiom six ways from Sunday means in every way possible, having done something completely, having addressed every alternative. Six ways from Sunday seems to have its origins in the middle eighteenth century as the phrases both ways from Sunday and two ways from Sunday. These earlier phrases referred to the eye condition known as strabismus, where someone‚Äôs eyes do not focus in unison, giving the appearance of looking in two different directions.” But for some reason, Sunday always is “set apart”.

Sundays are Sunday school (if you are Jewish), Church, Football, Sports, and long run days. They are Sunday comics spread out on the floor, fighting for the best Cartoon or updated to reflect the times, the remote control or the mouse to the shared computer.

Quick aside to the comics as so many have come and gone over the years (think Peanuts, Bloom County, Lil Abner and Archie and you get the idea. If you have to google, it proves the point), and, personally since the advent of the internet, it’s been years since indulging in Sunday comics. Who are the Garfield hero’s of the day? Not having a handle on kid’s interests, it would seem to me the Sunday Funnies are somewhat a thing of the past. Almost every kid has a Tablet or a Smart Phone for learning, so they wouldn’t even be bothered by the simplicity of the newsprint and ink that rubs off on your fingers and silly putty, since all they need to do is: “tap and swipe up, down, left or right.”

Sundays are Farmer’s Market’s or catch up days with chores and things to do around the house and yard. Or catch up with old friends for lunch or dinner. In the Summer it’s the pool with friends or the beach with family. Sometimes it’s catching up on work, and sometimes it’s a Facetime Call with relatives in another time zone and it’s a way to see one another and catch up.

And sometimes, it is an absolute do-nothing day to sit with a cup of coffee and work on the New York Times Crossword Puzzle.

What’s your Sunday?