The Morning Ritual


Like so many others, using bottled water in Southern California is somewhat the norm. Distrust of the sewage system and aghast hate for the taste from the tap is what motivates me to use purchased water to brew my daily cup of coffee. What makes this drink such a powerful concoction for so many? And to extrapolate on that, think of all the people that don’t home brew and go out to buy? Coffee is actually a commodity and provides jobs and incomes for literally millions of people. Like how cool is it that the last legal drug in America provides for millions; ironic in itself? So if we thought Joe DiMaggio made coffee big, Starbucks made it more than Global!

Back to the bad water- this morning, there was no bottled water to be found. Crap, as there was just enough water for only one cup. Aye-yai- yai. Who in heaven’s name is a One- Cup drinker?

Desperate for my second cup, my only choice was to use a can of Sparkling water (such a waste of a La Croix). So, into my foofoo, Keurig went the can of Sparkling Black Cherry water to make my Donut Shop style coffee. The epitome of bratty reformed So Cal coffee snob that refuses to use tap water.

It tastes great.