The Smell of Musk

Trolley cart full of toy cars Tesla on a white background

Elon, that is

What get’s me is he is now everywhere. On the freeway, as the Tesla passes you on either side of the Freeway(s), he has now infiltrated what he now calls “Free Speech”. If he owns the platform, how is that free speech? It crosses the murky waters of who is in control and makes him as culpable as Markie Z has been. Put in a context that it was Marky’s fault that the Former Guy was elected in 2016 by allowing false information to flow freely on the Facebook platform with little to no moderation.

Electric car charger station
Charging Station for Electric Cars – Tesla’s

As for Free Speech, have you looked at any of his tweets lately? I no longer can and feel dirty logging into twitter when all you see is the hate that apparently has been bottled up for decades being spilled out all over the internet via tweets and retweets of some of the vilest rhetoric read in years, with zero regard for the ones the hate is targeted toward. The current trend of anti-Semitism is appalling.

So, what’s the dilemma? How do we continue to log-in to prove to a megalomaniac that he isn’t right, if we continue to use his platform? It becomes the ultimate hypocrisy to stay somewhere when you don’t like the host, but he/she/ they are footing the entire bill. No sympathy for the devil, but aren’t you playing right into his craven hands and mind everytime you tweet?