What is Actually “Important”?

Open treasure chest filled with golden coins, gold and jewelry i
What in your life has the greatest value?

Everything in our lives has a value. We each have a system by what we grade things by and it’s usually ranked in some order. If you were to ask a teenager what the most important thing is you would hear , “My iPhone, ” or “My friends”. Ask a high schooler and get a different answer and so on and then some, because then it breaks down further as each day, week, year and decades brings new lessons.

But to what length are you willing to go for that IMPORTANT thing? My own personal experiences show me the level of importance is how willing I am to make sure that person, place, or thing is in my life. And to what lengths and then to what level. Go with me here, the people that stormed the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, were so convinced that Racism, Gaslighting, and Lying were “Important”, that they took to a public lynching to get what they thought was important. Celebrities falsify college entrance exams for their kids and wealthy people pay off others to get what they want, with no regard for veracity and honor. And people kill their kids and spouses to run off with their depraved lover.

So, “The Question” is , “What is Important” because important has become lost. When my kids were small, there was a clip of an Orangutan manning the front office when someone calls and that’s the word of the day, and it focuses on this character reiterating the word itself.

We focus often on what we think is important when sometimes it might be the thing that should be the least of our attention; akin to people that watch FOX news and think they are being told God’s honest truth. (They’re not).

The things in life that are important are unique to each of us, but if one were to list in importance somewhere in the top five are:

COMFORTS- food, shelter, clothing

If you are worshipping your iphone, your Instagram account and counting followers and not real life friends, then perhaps you need to switch what you value as important.