When Life Bites You in the Butt

Rear view of a Dalmatian puppy sitting, looking at the camera isolated on white
it IS worth getting back up!

Five Things You Can Do to Keep Your Chin Up even in the Darkest of Times

They (being the experts of time immemorial) say that time is the great healer and it’s often in those dark times when people drop to their knees and find their maker, but what happens if you already know your maker or better yet, you’re an atheist?

We all have our own unique perspectives of pain and just as one’s man trash could be another man’s treasures, one can never know what it is like to walk in another he/she/they’s shoes.

In No Specific Order, listed below are five things people have been known to find comfort in when dealing with depression or deep personal thoughts:

  1. Make sure to be kind to self.  Easier said than done, as how many times in a day have you ever berated yourself and used a word like stupid or dumb to describe self. Don’t. Its not nice and you wouldn’t call other people stupid, so don’t call yourself names.
  2. Exercise.  Hippocrates was quoted as saying, “Walking is the best medicine” and exercise is great to soothe the soul.  It keeps the blood flowing and oxygen to the heart and brain and it forces one to get outside oneself, even if it is just for moments.  The Gym. A walk.  Just move.
  3. Write it down.  Or type.  People report journaling helps in dealing with what it is and think on this- how many great love songs there are, and most are words that were written from a broken heart.
  4. Go outside and scream.  Call your best friend, mom or therapist.  Don’t Isolate and be mean to self.
  5. Go make something. You don’t have to spend a lot of money- but do an art project. Paper and Pencil work. Even the Dollar Store can get you up and going with fun, easy and inexpensive art items ranging from pre school to Picasso.  Or take a class at a clay studio if there is one available nearby and get your hands squishy and dirty

There isn’t a magic formula and no one ever said that life was easy or simple. But it comes down to this, do or don’t. It is always a choice.