Why Me?

Everyone has something

Being Kind to Self is the only way to be kind to others

This is a self love post.

Forgive yourself.  Everyone else already has, and if they haven’t, it’s OK.  That’s on them and it becomes their onerous. The part that is crucial and key, is you MUST forgive yourself. 

Think of it like this; We are a vessel that is constantly being filled, emptied, and replenished and it happens 24/7, in a synchronous cycle.

It’s when the cycle gets disrupted, then there are problems. Like a house has a plumbing issue when the sink backs up, ie, we can’t just use some Red Devil Lye and call a plumber to fix the outward problem- that would be like taking a drug and putting a Bandaid on it, which many people do. And for some, it works. For awhile.

There are countless books, podcasts, articles, webpages, counseling services, non-profits, and self-help groups out there for “Forgiving Self”, and keep in mind, there is no one right way.  The point to be made is, if you don’t forgive yourself, how do you expect others to forgive you?  We have to be able to do for ourselves what we expect from others.

Is there a special ceremony to say, “I Forgive Myself”? Look in a mirror, and say aloud, “I Forgive Myself”. When you believe those words to self true, the healing can begin.

Be love.